the many faces of provision.

provision is a tricky concept for me. because when i think of the word it's hard to avoid thinking "getting what i need, when i need it, as i see fit." which is silly, but i'm guessing i'm not the only one. i know someone whose internet bill was mysteriously paid for them for four years and they never did figure out who was paying it or why. i mean, that's the kind of provision i'm talking about, right? fall from the sky, "poof" in your lap provision. thanks God!

in reality, provision often takes shapes and forms that i don't expect or anticipate. and comes at times that i don't expect. and it usually teaches me something.

like that time when we had a surprise baby and we weren't sure how we were going to pay for childcare and hospital bills and [insert everything else]... and we were sweating it big time and had no clue how we were going to make the ends meet. and then a couple months later i got a check in the mail that completely covered childcare for that month. yeah, that happened too.

it happened last month when i got my paycheck from my arbonne business in the mail. i double took. and i definitely shed some tears. and i thought,

"man, if you were to have told me four months ago when i started this business that it would become this kind of provision for us, i'd have laughed my face off at you," 

but there i was, smacked in the face with it. and so thankful. it was exactly (almost to the dollar) what childcare cost us. and it couldn't have been more timely because,

this month, i found myself in an unexpected gap between jobs, duke paycheck gone, and again that check appeared in the mail.

when i started my business i was hoping for a few extra bucks a month, but it has quickly turned into a life-changer for us. and not only that, but it's been a joy. i get to teach people how to make healthy choices. i get to teach people about their bodies and what it means to take care of them. i get to use pure, safe, and beneficial products in my home and on my family. and i get to teach others how to do the same.

yesterday morning i sat out on my screen porch while florence napped and worked on my business and i thought to myself "who gets to do this?" who gets to have a business they can work from home and still contribute to their family? who can work where and when they want? i know women in arbonne who were working multiple jobs and have replaced their income and get to spend time with their kids now. i know women in arbonne who have replaced their income at six-figure jobs because they realized they wanted more choices and more balance.

and then, there is me. a mother who would love to spend more time with her daughter. who would love to work fewer hours outside the home. who would love to visit her family on the west coast more. who would love to give more generously and pour out more on others. and you know, arbonne is doing that for me. and i have big goals and my sights set high. in fact, this month, i am working hard toward my second of four promotional levels in arbonne. and it's exciting and nerve-wrecking and humbling all at once. and it feels vulnerable to share all this. but vulnerability is a goal of mine lately.

so that's the surprising face of God's provision for me lately. if you are interested in hearing more i would love to tell you. i am kind of in love with this company. and for your viewing pleasure, here is a short video that shows the heart behind what it is we do and why.

ok, love you all! thanks for reading and caring and being so wonderful!



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