lesson for my girl from her mamma, one.

i am sorry that i thought you were a boy for the first 18 weeks. you've just been such an easy little pregnancy. but the fact that you are a girl makes me just a smidgen less intimidated. i know what being a girl is like. and it's something i can actually teach you about. for instance, this is something that you'll probably learn on your own, but:

every girl needs some goooooood girl friends. listen child,

please don't be the girl who only has "guy friends" and zero girl friends. guys are fine, but girl friends are a necessity. and a keepsake. and you do not want to go through life without them. period.

they aren't always easy to make. and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to keep them strong. i don't know if you'll have any sisters, but if you don't, i sure hope that you will have some friends who become your sisters. the great thing is, God usually brings them into your life at just the right time. this weekend your papa and i celebrated the wedding of one of those girls in my life. God just walked her into my life one sweet day years ago and said, "here you go. your best friend. enjoy." and we have. and i pray and trust that God will bring those girls into your life, too. 

it may confuse you how many aunts you have. you'll have seven "real" aunts. which is probably more than most people start with...

but then there will be,

auntie laura
auntie jen
auntie coco...
and so many more. they are your aunts too. because to me, they are sisters.

i think about the mammas who are pregnant with your best friends right now. and i hope they are healthy, and happy, and that their little girls will be similar and different from you. that they'll teach and challenge you. and love you for who you are. because there will be so very much to love about you. 

can't wait for you to meet them, someday.

oh, and just for the record, mammas make good best friends too!

getting ready for (auntie) laura's wedding!
isn't she beautiful!
with (auntie) jen at the wedding!

can't wait to share a few more photos from this weekend later in the week! (and perhaps some that aren't blurry. :)

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