florence is three months. it's true.

now wait a second, didn't i just write a two-month post? and here we are at three months!

no one was ever exaggerating when they told me that i would blink and she'd be grown! i wish that i could slow down this period when she is so little and new. i looked at her yesterday while i was nursing and she didn't fit comfortably on my lap anymore. now her legs are sprawled out everywhere. she is so long! and it's funny because i honestly don't know when that change happened. i just have to face the fact that her itty bitty newbornness is gone. but she's growing into the most adorable little baby and i'm loving this phase too. full of smiles and chit chat and personality. she recognizes people more now and loves her papa soooo much. she starts smiling when she hears him come in from work.

this month she's mastered sleeping all night. she's rolled over a few times, she's gone on her first road trip and she has several more coming up the next few weekends. she met her great grandmom and some cousins. she's watched some great duke games and watched her seahawks win the superbowl. she's made some baby friends and some big people friends. she's come to love the mom and two little kids who watch her while i work. they gave her a "fairy name", flora. she's started sucking on anything and everything that she can fit in her mouth. she's gaining independence and is able to play on her own a bit. she loves to dance too! 

oh the things i'm discovering about my little bambina. i get to know her more every day. and i'm totally obsessed with the process. spit up and poop included. (which are both getting bigger as she does.)

what was it like before we had her again? it's honestly hard to remember. and i don't really feel the need to try. one of my good friends told me after her son was born, that she wished she'd known him years ago. i feel the same now with florence. of all the months i've lived, i've only known her for three of them. it's just too bad.

we love you and we love you, sweet "flora". happy three months!


mamma and papa.


  1. oh flora is such a sweet name for the little one. all those photos are delizioso! what a little bundle of love she is. it gets better and better every day knowing and learning your little one doesn't it? love you sister

  2. I'm having serious baby fever! your daughter is amazing!


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