these two

each day begins a whole new fascination with each other.

a fascination with his whiskers,
hairy arms
goofy noises

and with her gummy smiles
spit ups

they snuggle in bed together each morning and get to know each other more and more.
to love each other more and more. without really knowing why.
and i get to watch it all happen.
and it totally melts me.

there is no one who he beams at like he beams at her.
there is no one who she smiles at like she smiles at him.

they are such a perfect picture of love to me.
they are such a perfect pair.
gosh, these two together.

something about a papa and his little girl.
a little girl and her papa.
it's so beautiful.

i knew i would explode seeing adam with her.
when we were still waiting for her, i imagined them together.
but by golly, if it's not a thousand times sweeter than i ever even imagined.

and aren't i the lucky one?
to be the third in this family.
these two are mine.
it's just too good.


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