a day in the life, lately.

-they recently changed the code to the ladies bathroom at work. this is a very mean trick to play on a woman who has to pee every 30 minutes and whose brain is getting fuzzier by the week. i think my record is three tries. i feel an embarrassing accident in my near future if i can’t get it down to one.

-today was the annual ice cream party at my office. win for the pregger!

-and on that note, adam and i have a receipt displayed on our fridge right now to remind me of the depths to which i recently stooped in this pregnant state. it’s from whole foods and there are two items: mint chocolate chip ice cream and justin’s peanut butter cups. it was just one of those days…we i needed both, ok? and that's all i needed. 

-i have officially hit the "no longer sleep well/at all" marker. not such a fun one. the good news, we are in the third trimester now!

-is it healthy to seriously miss one’s college days as much as i do? every time the duke students start flooding back and we get these gorgeous sunny but not so brutally hot (almost fall-like??) days…i just imagine walking across grounds on my way to old cabell with some para coffee in my hand. and then i realize i’m just driving to work. and i’m in durham not charlottesville. and i have no coffee. thanks for that slap, reality.

-i think when your sister has her first child while you are pregnant with your first—it creates an even deeper attachment to the new baby than an ordinary aunt-niece relationship. every time i hold little eden i feel this overwhelming flood of love for her. and her unborn cousin at the same time. it’s this little hint of what it will be like to hold my daughter in my arms in a few short months. and change her poopy diapers. i can’t keep myself away from richmond on the weekends. i mean…gah! is she not a doll and a half??

-we haven’t started on the nursery. i thought we'd for sure have it done by third trimester. but we are just procrastinating. for now, we just like to go sit in there, stare at baby clothes, and imagine how our lives will change. soon we'll actually get, say, a crib or something crazy. 

-we are heading home (washington state!) day after tomorrow and it’s taking everything in us not to pack up our bags and go wait at the airport for the remaining 48 hours. we are so ready for a vacation!!

what has your life looked like lately? oh, and happiest of hump days to you!


  1. hump day! love you and love the bonding that is going on between all of us women in the Jordan family extended. you will be an incredible mother, crib or no :)

    1. i love it too. oh the joy that babies bring. especially yours!!!!

  2. love this. eden is just so beautiful!! and i'm sorry to hear about the sleep probs. i'll be praying for you, friend. <3

    1. thanks girl...i'm just grateful it's waited this long to start giving me troubles! :) hope you are loving the newness of motherhood. so happy for you!!


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