Today I was at church and I realized that everything I had on, with the exception of my jeans, previously belonged to someone else. And no, I didn’t steal them.

But, my shirt, my jacket, my shoes, and my purse were all hand-me-downs.

This happens a lot. And, about 90% of the compliments I get on what I’m wearing, rightfully belong to someone else, because the things I get the most compliments on, used to belong to someone else. I also have a few “Hand-me-loans”. This is what I call things that people (usually my mom) loan me, and then just tell me to keep for "awhile" because I wear them more. “Awhile”, my friends, is a very ambiguous term. So I usually just keep them till they come and take them away. Which basically means I just keep them.

Now, let me tell you, being a younger sister meant that growing up my older sister Laura usually got more NEW clothes and I would get her hand-me-downs. I resented this so very much. But, like naps, I look back now and scratch my head in bewilderment, wondering how I could have ever complained about having to have them.


Free + Clothes = Um, yes please!!
And, side note, most of the people who hand-me-down buy really cute clothes because they 1.) Have more money than I do or 2.) Have better style than me, or 3.) Both of the above.
So, this is a big thank you to ALL OF YOU BLESSED PEOPLE who have given me hand-me-downs. Not only do I love them, but I love thinking about YOU every time I wear them.
If anyone wants to hand-me-down old things, I am SO willing to take them. And if anyone needs something handed-you-down, please come look through my closet. I am sure there are things in there that I don’t wear or would look way better on you!!

Here are some of my favorite hand-me-downs:

Um, this must be where it all began…I would NEVER have picked out that pink shirt, sweater, socks, and hair tie for myself. Thanks Sister. (The truck on the other hand, must have been mine)

This bag, I carry it every day. EVERY day. One of my Mom’s best friends (and my other mother), Gail, gave it to me. She is my Number one hand-me-downer. And I love her. But not just cause of that.

These shoes, I wear just about everyday. Also from Gail.

All these shoes. Two from my mom, the rest from Gail.

I have four of these cute wicker blocks in my apt. I borrowed them my second year of under grad from Laura-Lee (another friend of Mom's whom I love), and was told I could just keep using them. Perfect example of a hand-me-loan. Note: Ignore my obsession with Audrey Hepburn…

This white sweater that I wore last weekend to this lovely picnic with Friends. They complemented it and I had to tell them the honest truth...Hand-Me-Down from Mamma. Yep.

These two dresses, white one = hand-me-down from Ashley West about three years ago. And the yellow from Jen. Note: Yellow dress = I love / Hand-me-loan that I secretly hope to hold onto for "awhile" longer…

This dress my mom bought last year, wore once, I got really jealous, and I kind of hand-me-stole it. :( But she totally let me!!

This sweatshirt was Adam’s favorite from New Zealand. Then he moved back. Then somehow it became mine. Score.

This ski coat is on the brink of being a hand-me-steal because my cousin left it at my apt last winter and I seriously have been trying to get it back to her, but it just never happens. So Mazy, next time I see you take it from me!! Thanksgiving??

I can't tell you how many more of my favorite shirts, dishes, knives, pillows, jackets, etc., are hand-me-downs from people I love.

Tanks for all the hand-me-love. :)




  1. What a brilliant blog post, I love it! Blog envy...again. Hand me downs, naps and early bed time, you forgot early bed time, which I am sure you also miss now...

  2. You are so witty about normal things in life. Hope you enjoy your week at "Disneyland for the mind".


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