Happys and Sads (Plus Randoms), Part Tre

The next chapter of the Happys and Sads of life as a Duke Graduate student:
For previous chapters see Happys and Sads, and Happys and Sads, Part Due
Name: Elise Jordan
Year: 1
Program: MSc in Global Health
Weeks Completed: 11
Focus: Thanksgiving

-Microsoft Word makes me feel stupid. I hate it when it has “no suggestions” for words that I’ve typed even when they are only ONE letter away from being correct, as if I’m so terrible at spelling. Which I am.
-I got an assignment back that I did all wrong apparently. Ugh.
-We have been freezing in our apt lately and I didn’t understand why because I set the thermostat to 72. Apparently you also have to turn the heat ON. Which Jeannie finally discovered.
-Every time I go into my favorite store, Anthropologie (for example two days ago) I feel like the most materialistic person in the world because I actually get feelings of bitterness when I have to leave empty handed. Isn’t that ridiculous?? I think that’s the only place on earth that I become extremely materialistic. It’s horrible. This time, it was these two things that I pouted all the way out about not being able to afford:

-My computer has an attitude problem and keeps deleting important papers when I’m almost done writing them. Fun huh?
-My Wahoos lost a close football game to Duke last weekend. :(

-Adam moved to NC on Monday! God blessed Adam and I with the faith and patience to pursue a long-distance relationship for almost a year. But PRAISE GOD HALLELUJAH AMEN that he is here now. Kihlil Gibran once said, “And it has been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” Thanks KG, but I think we get the picture already. No more hour of separation for us!
And He's Cooking dinner for me tonight.

-Two of my best friends, Laura (LT) and Jen are coming to spend this weekend with me!! Cannot wait.
Aren't they pretty?

-I've gotten several assignments/exams back that I did well on.
-I got my favorite toothpaste on sale this week. That never happens.
-I tried a new flavor Larabar that might be my new favorite: Gingersnap. De-lectable.
(If you've never tried Larabars, you should. They are amazing and totally grain free. Which is good for me. I eat them religiously.)
-I am officially going to be working with Bhutanese refugees in Nepal next summer for my thesis research.
-Mamma J and Daddy are going to be here again starting NEXT week.
-I finally found a dry-cleaners. I am very picky about my dry cleaning. Which is why it's taken me almost three months to take the leap of faith. I pick them up tomorrow so...hopefully it won't end up as a sad on my next blog.
-I joined a small group with the most amazing group of women from Summit Church. Such a blessing.
-JD's Sermon series on the Search for a King. Here's a link to the podcast if anyone's interested.
-The team looks some kind of unbelievable this year. Go Duke. Go Duke. Go Duke.

-Quotes from my classmates: “I’m a copy-cat. It’s my best feature.” “Word hates that word. Word needs to LEARN that word. That, and diarrhea.”
-I think I’m growing taller, finally. Maybe I'll be 5' 4'' soon.
-Why is it that I can perfectly fold a fitted sheet but I can’t fold a regular one for the life of me?? Or a map, which already has all the seams there for you.
-I get ridiculously star-struck every time I am walking behind/sitting near/see far away a Duke Basketball player. I know they are just normal people and they are all younger than me. But they play DUKE BASKETBALL. And they’re tall. So I can’t get past it.
-The other day my dad called me a plain vanilla outdoor adventuring, Anthropologie-coveting (told you), calculus-nerding, basketball loving (yep), Julia Child-emulating, Portico-devoted Wahoo...
-I made banana bread with rice flower this week (regular flour makes me ill). And it tasted amazing. Finally a flour-free baked good that doesn’t taste like a wanna-be-but-just-isn’t!


  1. Hey you are so cute. You just need to know that. I love this post, this series is so clever. I am going to listen to JD while I make black bean soup and corn bread!

  2. You make me laugh so hard. Can't wait to see you soon. Maybe you should get a part time job at Anthropologie.


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