I Know This Girl

I know this girl.

This girl is full.
Full of life.
Full of energy.
Full of Peanut M&Ms and good glasses of wine.
Full of deep thoughts, emotions, honesty, hilarious-ness, LOVE.
Full to the brim, with confidence that God loves her and has created each new day especially for her.
And she lives them so fully.

I know this girl.

This girl is radiant.
The kind of radiance that is the result of a peace that passes all understanding.
The kind of radiant that says, "It's not ALL right. But I'm alright. I know I'm not alone.
And even now, your needs are just as important as mine."
This radiance reflects the face of the one who made her, fearfully and wonderfully.

I know this girl.

This girl is a beautiful new wife.
The kind of wife that after only two months of marriage is so wise in the ways of how to care for a husband well. And, to allow that husband to care for her.
The kind of wife that beams with pride for her best friend--who he is, what he does, and the fact that he is hers to have and hold and hug.
A wife that honors God with her new family and allows Him to be her truest Rock.

I know this girl.

This girl is quirky.
Quirky in all the right ways that make you want to giggle, squeeze her, smile from ear to ear, and tell the world how adorable she is.
The kind of quirky that just says, "There is NO one just like me and I know it. And I'm proud to be, Me."
It makes her unique and confident and absolutely irreplaceable.

i know this girl.

This girl is brave.
Brave beyond belief.
The kind of brave that knows that if God is for her, no one can be against her.
The kind of brave that acknowledges that she is afraid,
But decides to have courage anyway.
Braveness that knows that sickness, even this yucky cancer, is not bigger than the one who has overcome the worst the world, and our bodies in it, can do to us.

And even though I sit and hold her sweet hand in her moment of need, somehow it feels like she is actually holding my hand, and making me feel braver too.

I know this girl.


If you can't tell.

I really love this girl too.


  1. i love her too and i miss her!

  2. absolutely true and altogether beautiful

  3. So well said Elise. We love her too and are thankful that she has a friend like you to love and support her. And we are thankful that you have a friend like her always encouraging you with her life.

  4. Love you so much Elise. Thank you for your hand.


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