I Love:

Today is my Mamma's birthday.

I won't say which one.
And you'd never guess by looking at her anyway.

I love my Mamma about as much as any girl could ever love her Mamma. And that's just the truth. I love:

-Her laugh when something's really funny.
-Her dance moves.

-Her ability to host anyone, anywhere, and make them feel welcome and comfortable.
-Her southern hospitality and personality.
-The fact that she will never forget something you mentioned, even once, that you want.
-That she likes to think up reasons to justify her doing special things for you.

-That she still calls me Baby Doll.

-That she serves her family humbly and passionately.
-That she is sweet and hilarious.
-That she is extremely generous.
-That she is the most organized person I know.

-Her photo taking compulsiveness, that has resulted in the most thorough documentation imaginable of our entire lives. Which is such a gift to us now.

-Her patience.
-Her kindness.
-Her sacrificial spirit.
-That she is so much fun to hang out with.

-That she would spend her entire birthday week addressing invitations for my wedding.
-Her perfect handwriting.
-That she is a wonderful servant of Christ and a wonderful example of how to be a Godly mother, wife, sister, and friend.
-Her amazing cooking skills.
-That she is a prayer warrior.

-That she is a coffee addict and a kind of slow in the morning.
-Her morning hair.

-Her amazing legs. They are so long and thin.
-That she knows the trends months before they become trendy.
-That she is classy.
-That she likes both bourbon and cosmopolitans.
-Her habit of gnawing on chicken bones because she thinks the meat closest to the bone is the yummiest.

-Her tender heart
-Her book worminess.
-Her adventures side.
-That we share clothes and accessories.
-How she sometimes buys things for herself that she knows I'll like, keeps them for a little white, and then gives them to me.

Thank you for being the epitome of what a Christ-led mother should be. Thank you for putting up with me when I'm grumpy. When I'm selfish. When I have crazy ideas. When I try to overcomplicate life.

You have always been right there to listen to my heart, hold my hand, and point me toward my loving savior. You've gone out of your way to make me feel special and loved me whole life. You've stood up for me when others have been ugly, even if I'm the only one who can hear it. You don't mind when I only have five minutes to talk between classes and I spend the whole time talking about me. I don't know how I could ever be the mother that you are. I just hope that you are there to hold my hand then too.

Have fun in your sparkly blue dress tonight. Party like the Birthday Girl that you are.

Love you always my sweetest Mamma.



PS. I loved this moment.

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