Among the Hills

Many significant events take place among the hills.

The hills are a place where God often meets us. Think about Moses receiving the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai. Or Jesus giving His sermon on the Mount. They are also a place of sacrifice; Abraham of Isaac, and Jesus of His life on the cross. To me, hills and mountains symbolize the presence of God. And some of our most poignant interactions with Him.

My whole life, I’ve found, takes place among the hills. Sometimes I’m at the top of one. Sometimes I’m at the very bottom. But mostly I’m just on the hillside, making my way somewhere, experiencing the journey, anticipating the vistas ahead. But always in God's presence.

Kahlil Gibran once wrote, about the interplay between reason and passion in life. He offered that they are like the sails and the rudder of a ship. Both necessary, neither sufficient. But save one, and you can’t move. Save one, and the other is made futile. He said when you sit “Among the hills” there will be times of peace and serenity, and that these times should offer a picture of resting in reason. And when there are mighty winds and majestic thunder, it should be a picture of moving in passion.

This interplay is a reality in my life, and this blog is a place to share the things I am forced to reason with; and hopefully find people who will reason through them with me. A place to share the things I am passionate about; and hopefully find people who will join me in those passions.

So here begins an account of ways in which life requires me to rest in reason, and move in passion…as I live Among the Hills.
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Here are a few of my favorite hills...
Skyline Drive near Charlottesville, my home in my heart. The Blue Ridge Mountains.

Mt. Rainier. My real home, Washington's, gem. Summited it with my dad after graduating high school. My happy place.

The Land of a thousand hills, Rwanda. Where my sister lived, loved, found a husband, and brought to us an amazing extended family. And where I spent a summer helping get sustainable water to children in schools.

Ahhh, last but CERTAINLY not least. Perugia, the hilltop town where I lived in Italy. Home of some of the most amazing Italians I'll ever know, some of the best chocolate I've ever eaten, and some of the most beautiful vistas of the italian countryside I've ever woken up to, everyday.


  1. Sister I am so proud of you, this is an exciting new adventure! I love your blog, the photos, the note about Rwanda, and the beautiful and well written sentiments about life! I am SO following!!!!

  2. Well, you have done a great job with a wonderful idea. I am looking forward to seeing what else you have to say. I have 2 amazing daughters and one fantastic son.

  3. Great to start to a blog. Can't wait to follow it. I grew up in a place called College Hill, went to Cincinnati Hills High School. There is a lot of significance in the Hills for me too. :)

  4. I'm glad you can relate! I hope others can too! I miss you and can't wait for the chance to meet Eva.

  5. Oh my! I just loved seeing that photo of the Blue Ridge Moutains which I drove through in the early 80s! Wonderful holiday which brings back many happy memories. Lucky girl living surrounded by such beauty.


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