Christmas Eve

If the honeymoon phase comes just after the wedding,

Then the Christmas-Eve-when-you're-5 phase comes just before the wedding.

Everyday just seems sweeter and sweeter as the anticipation builds for our wedding next week.

Sunday we went mattress shopping and picked out our mattress. Adam flexed his bargaining muscles and got it for about $300 less than the marked price. (That's my man.)

Tuesday we had a small group pot luck at which the entire group spent time praying for us and the wedding, and the honeymoon, and our first year of marriage. What a community God has gifted us with here.

Wednesday I started to move some of my things over to Adam's house...!

Yesterday I TA-ed my last class as an unmarried woman and when I got home to Adam's house, this was hanging on the entry way to the kitchen:

Tomorrow is Adam's last day at work, and we leave late morning Monday for Virginia.

We thought that our 300-and-something day countdown would never get this low. But here we are, 8 days out.

For those of you who either are engaged, or will be engaged, let me just say, engagement is a time to treasure. It is so wonderful (even if it lasts almost a year...) It's a time to be:

Intentional in your pursuit of Godly wisdom,
Intentional in your pursuit of getting to know each other better,
Intentional in your pursuit of learning how to love the other selflessly,
Intentional in your pursuit of knowing God better and being more saturated with His great Love.

And, with true intentionality, it is just the sweetest time of growing closer, more prepared for marriage, and more and more anticipatory to begin married life. And before you know it...

It will be Christmas Eve.

And you won't be able to sleep because you know what is coming next, and the excitement is just too much to bear.

Trust me, because we're there.

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  1. ahhhh! I have chills. I SO remember (just 7 1/2 years ago now) It's a wonderful time. ENJOY this week immensely. and the week after, too! ;)


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