When we were in Nepal we took this picture in one of the tea fields. After taking it we decided that it looked like an album cover (at least at the time...ok?) So naturally, we decided to start a band. And, didn't all the really great bands start because they took a great picture together and decided that if they could pose that well together, they could probably also become musical together? Well, at least this one did.

Truthfully, our band never made music. But, we did make albums. And we named the tracks after all of the experiences we had while in Nepal (mishaps, misses in translation, inside jokes, great quotes from group members, grievances, etc...) And, while I'd be happy to share them, they probably wouldn't make much sense to you. However, as I was driving yesterday, I started thinking what the tracks would be titled if I made an album of my life and my thought-life in the past couple of weeks.

Here is what I came up with:

Album: Beautifully Chaotic.

Disc One:
1. I'm not as nice without ice cream.
2. We're in the teens.
3. Must write vows!! (This one is on repeat and playing continuously behind all the other tracks.)
4. Mixed Greens, why do you lie? You have purples too and I don't like them!
5. Me? A wife? Interesting...
6. Dear Costco, carry Kind bars. Tanks.
7. If you haven't gotten a thank you note yet, I'm sorry. It's coming.
8. Neals, Neals everywhere.
9. Why is the gas tank always empty?
10. On the road...AGAIN.
11. Be still and know that I am God.

Disc Two:
1. Fall is my favorite friend.
2. Required: 4-5 snooze cycles or I won't get up.
3. Woolies: Socks! Sweaters! Coats!
4. The world looks even prettier in my sunglasses.
5. My bananas are too ripe again.
6. Yes, I think I could sniff ground coffee all the day long.
7. Pie Pumpkins: 4/$10 at Whole Foods. Yessssaah.
8. Soon, I'm marrying my best friend.
9. Time always well spent: Visting Grandmom edition.
10. Break my heart for what breaks yours.
11. Colossians Three.

Bonus Tracks:
1. Ok, I cheated and had ice cream once. Ok twice.
2. Justification: Grandmom's homemade fudge sauce.

What are the tracks of your album lately? I'd love to hear them!

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