Dance Songs. Dance Moves.

This is a snapshot of my awesome family. In fact, it's one of my favorite pictures of us ever. It was taken at my cousin Chris' wedding. On the dance floor. Please take a moment to look at the ridiculous faces of each and every member. From Ad, to my dad, and my mom who is in her own world, to my brother who looks pained, to my sister and cousin Cae who, if we could see their faces, would look equally out-of-con-trol, and finally to me--who apparently has an urgent question.

So, one of the last tasks that Adam and I are working on,

(Besides, of course, our vows which are still not written...)

Is coming up with some CDs of good dancing music for the band's breaks. We love to dance. And I think a lot of people at our wedding love to dance. So we need some good music folks.

The Jordan family has a song that is our go-to dancing song. Whenever we hear it, no matter where or when, we have to stop and dance. This is mostly because of that fateful time years ago when my dad was dancing to it at a wedding and he made up the most awesome dance move in Jordan family history. At every wedding since, not only have we danced to this song...but we've gotten other people on the dance floor, in on Dad's super-awesome-oh-so-catchy move. Haha, it's actually just ridiculous. But we will always just keep rolling with it.

The Song: Billy Jean
The Move: It just can't be described.

So, bottom line, we need songs. And I was just wondering, what are some of YOUR favorite tunes to boogie to?
Does your family have any go-to grooves?
Help us out here!

This one was taken at my sister's wedding last summer. Note: everyone at the wedding is on the dance floor. This needs to be re-created in two weeks. So help us out with some tunes! Oh, and bring your dancing shoes.

And just for your viewing pleasure, here are my parents at my sister's wedding doing their other favorite dance move...

Don't know what to do with this information? Don't worry, neither do we.

Power to you parents.


  1. Heck yes, I'm so excited about this! Also: Prince. Also also: hope to see you even sooner?

  2. I'm going to think of some "goodies" and get back to you on this. My dancing shoes are sooo ready!

  3. "Do You Love Me?" by The Contours--definitely one of my favorites!

    Can't wait to dance with you in (gasp) two weeks!

  4. Love this post, its SO our family

  5. All I can say is: video of the Jordans doing The Move. Posted. Please.

    I love how much you love your family.

  6. My mom HAD to have brick house at my wedding. It was so much fun to watch her dance to that song!

  7. Ain't No Mountain High Enough!


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