This morning I'm baking, packing, and drinking coffee...preparing to hit the road to Grandmom's a little bit later.

Yes I'm still in my jamies. This probably won't change for the next 2-6 hours.

In our family, we have a few staples that must appear on every Thanksgiving table. As, I'm sure, most families do. These recipes are our go-tos. And they never fail us.

Today, I'm working on one of them. I love the history of this recipe in my family:

I love to bake.
I always have.
And, when I lived at home and lived off my parent's grocery bills, I was a mean-(not-so-lean)-baking machine. And so one day I stumbled across the Williams-Sonoma Pies and Tarts cookbook. Anyone else have this one? It's an absolute must-have for my kitchen.

When I first got this book (circa age 16) I decided to have everyone in the family go through and mark with a sticky note one pie they really wanted me to make at some point. These stickies are still in my book, each with one of my family members names on it. I love this.

My Dad's post-it still marks page 48-49: Cranberry Chess Pie. Mmmm.

That year for Thanksgiving I decided to give my dad his wish pie, and so I baked my first Chess Pie. And it stuck. (Not to the pan). The combination of the cranberries, orange zest, apple cider vinegar, and whole-fat buttermilk...just jibed with my family's taste buds that year and it became a holiday pie tradition. And since then, it has always graced our Thanksgiving table. And our Christmas table for that matter.

So there is one of ours. What is one of yours? What are you most excited to be baking/making this Thanksgiving?

Today, I'm feeling really thankful for traditions, family, and Cranberry Chess Pie.


  1. I sure wish I could be with you to eat your pie. Please have a great Thanksgiving weekend.

  2. Mama Chandler's Famous Chocolate Chess Pie. I inherited the recipe when we had Thanksgiving at our house in Seattle. I wrote it down and made it pretty and stuck it in a recipe book. When I packed to go to Seattle for Thanksgiving this year, I couldn't find the recipe book ANYWHERE! I searched and searched, but to no avail. So the day before Thanksgiving, I called my mom, and she had to give me the recipe over the phone again. I'm thankful for moms that know recipes by heart and can tell them to you over the phone. :-)


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