On Honeymooning, Part Three

On Taking Photos of Yourselves:

When you are a full foot or more apart in height, taking pictures of yourselves can be hard. This is something Adam and I have yet to master. But I know it's possible. Maybe someday...

I get super shy asking people to take photos of us though. So, it was what we resorted to 99% of the time. The result was almost always one of the following:
A.) I have no chin.
B.) I look like a floating head.
C.) Adam's hair (and those think, lovely, golden locks) get cut off.
D.) I am in Adam's shadow.
E.) The shadow of our arms shows up on our bodies.

What does it take to master this? Anyone?


A. & B.

A. & B.

A. & B.

C. & E.

We did manage one or two good ones. But never on the first try.

Now that's a little better.

On Having A Stalker:

Adam took most of our pictures. And so, most of our pictures are of my backside walking around Italy. If someone were to look through them, it would look suspiciously as if I was either his tour guide, or, he was my dedicated stalker. You decide:

On Coming Home and Living Together:

It's Bliss.

And Lastly,
On The Value of Taking a FlipCam On Your Honeymoon:

Do it. Even if you have to borrow one. It's the most exciting vacation you'll ever take (I'm convinced) and it's fun to be able to film random moments, scenery, meals, etc...that are so hard to recreate, even with photos. We have already watched most of the footage from ours and reminisced about it all. As a finale, here are a few of our favorite clips:

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