as part of the real marriage study we are doing with our small group, we have to do homework. last week’s homework was to have an intentional date night. i feel like homework used to be a lot tougher than this…

we started by going to the american tobacco campus for live music. along with eighty percent of durham’s population. and about ninety percent of durham’s small and adorable children. great fun! so much town love.

then we went to see the newest bourne movie. i am notorious for not remembering the plots of complicated movies, even if I liked them at the time. sometimes i don’t even remember seeing them. the bourne series is a perfect example. i tried not to ask ad too many questions. the movie was pretty good…from what i can recall.

after the film we grabbed some dessert + french fries at a yummy restaurant. we loved how loudly our waiter repeated our order for all to hear. whatever. nelson style dessert is nothing to be ashamed of. (but still, he could have kept it down.) 

it was fun to have such a laid back night. 

i like homework now.


  1. Where are you doing this study at. We are trying to become involved in small groups at a large church we just found but its so hard. I feel like we have been going for a while but nothing :(

    1. hi! we go to summit church in durham nc. it's also a really big church...but our small group is great, and makes it seems heaps smaller--but i know what you mean that sometimes it can take awhile to find just the right one. where do you go?

  2. This is great! My boyfriend and I are getting involved in separate men and women's bible studies but I'm hoping to find a couples study or when the time comes a marriage study :)

    1. we used to be in separate men and women's too...which was completely wonderful for us! but yes, it's great being in a couples group now too. lots to learn together!

  3. Replies
    1. haha, yeah nothing like i remember homework being...


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