(i did) get smart.

a couple of weeks ago i left my phone on top of my car and drove off.

some nice lady found it and i eventually got it back--bruised and abused, as it was.

luckily, it was just a cheap-o "i can call and text and that's all" kinda phone. typical for me. i have habitually bought the (simple) bare necessity type phones. i mean i have a computer, a calendar, an ipod, a camera, a zillion notepads, lots of books, a gps, AND a phone. why would i need all those things (and so much more) built into one conveniently portable piece of technology?


in the past few months, i've been itching to make the transition. especially now that i work. i'm feeling the urge to have it all in one place and join the twenty-first century. and, 

i had an upgrade.

so i did it.

i got smart.

i ordered my first smart phone.

and not just any smart phone--i ordered the new iphone 5. go big or go home, i guess. adam said i could consider it a very early birthday present. in fact, it's going to come the week of his birthday. seems fair, right? as soon as we ordered it i was overtaken by an inappropriate degree of giddiness. oh, the possibilities!

do you have a smart phone? which one? do you love them? hate them? couldn't live without them? what do you use them for most? bring me up to speed dear friends on the wonders of living "smart!"

ps, where is your favorite place to find cute iphone cases? because i'll obviously be needing one... :)


  1. http://society6.com/product/Pattern_iPhone-Case?tag=illustration

    cutest iPhone cases!

    1. oooh, you're right! such cute cases. thanks!


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