new appreciations.

so, last wednesday i started my first real job. at the age of twenty-four. having been in school for the last nineteen years of my life, there are a lot of things i've never learned about the "working world." a lot of things. 

just in these first seven days, i've gained a whole new appreciation for things like:

-mothers who work. period. how do you work all day and then come home and take care of kids and make dinner and give baths and clean up messes and change poopy diapers and help with homework and not go crazy? you are amazing. that includes you, mom.

-people who work jobs that require them to be on their feet all day. one of the hardest things to adjust to has been much of the day. yet, when i get home i'm still so tired. i can't imagine how much more exhausting it is to be on your feet all day. yikes!

-people who work more than one job.

-people who have full time jobs and still keep up with their blog, daily. molly, for one.

-people who work with people they don't like or in jobs they don't like. i love where and with whom i work. it must be twice as hard to work diligently in an environment that you don't enjoy.

-people who get up and work out early in the morning before work. 

-people in offices who keep so many things ticking. particularly administrative assistants!

-brightly colored folders and post-its.


do you remember your first job? what kinds of things did it open your eyes to? did you love it? hate it? would love to hear!

ps, here is a link to the research study that i work on. (even though they haven't added my name yet :) check it out if you're interested! 


  1. When I got my first big girl job, I was so tired when I came home that I totally gained appreciation for working moms. I can't imagine working 8-9 hours a day and then coming home to take care of kiddos...probably why I'm gonna be a stay at home mom lol

    1. i know, it makes me crazy thinking about it. but so many women do. amazing!!

  2. why are we all so tired after work?! we SIT all day, looking at a screen... and yet it is so so very exhausting. glad to know i'm not alone in this :)

    1. haha, i know. it's a complete mystery! thanks for reading!

  3. you are awesome. you gave me a shoutout. i feel so honored. i used to have four jobs - that was TERRIBLE. oh man. that was awful. i AMEN you on all these appreciations (except for mine - lol i can't amen myself) :) oxo


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