working and wifeing

maybe i thought being a good wife was easy because i was a student. i could make my own schedule. i could do most of my work from home. i could go to the grocery store every monday and do laundry every friday. i could have a nice healthy meal ready when he got home from work. the floors got vacuumed, every day.

then, i graduated and had no job. and being a good wife got even easier.

now, i get up when he does. shower when he does. head out the door early like he does. get home about the time he does. and feel pooped the way he does. no dinner when he walks in. no clean undies to wear.* and little things sticking to your feet from the dusty floors. 

*ok, maybe one pair left.

it's all totally different now. 

i swear this to be the last post about "the transition to the working world" but seriously, can some women out there help another woman out and tell me what the trick is to having it all together?? i guess i'm learning one day at a time. and adam is responding to the transition by helping with a lot of the things i had time to do before but don't now. it's been putting our team work to the test.

in adam's vows to me he told me, "we're a favorite one actually." 

i feel the need for "teamness" more these days than ever. and i'm grateful for such an awesome teammate.

thanks ad. 
love you heaps. 
(we're my favorite team too).


  1. i totally feel you. it gets HARD. there are days when i just don't want to cook or i just don't want to clean. it doesn't get easier, but it does get better. being a team is awesome.

    1. :) thanks for the encouragement. i feel like i've finally hit "real life" ha ha. after twenty four years of something else i guess...

      how do you always do such a good job of making time for blogging and keeping up with folks on top of everything else. it's amazing!

  2. That's such a sweet line from your vows!

    I'm sure it just takes time to adjust to your new schedule for you to feel like you have the energy to do all those things again =)

    1. thanks girl. yeah, i'm hoping soon i'll get in the rhythm of it all. everyone figures it out somehow right!

  3. i work and my husband is a grad student. he was off all summer, so he did all the laundry, dishes, and household chores. when we both start working again, we each do 50/50. a chore chart helps :)

  4. Oh Elise, welcome!! Haha. Reality is hard isn't it? I have been out of school for 3 years and I am STILL getting used to the 8-5 schedule. The team part is KEY. Also, doing as much prep as possible on the weekend is a huge help. Tyler and I usually try to cook a bunch on Sunday. Also, some things just have to give. Tyler gets frustrated with me sometimes because I HATE having dishes in the sink but we don't have a dishwasher so it takes a significant amount of time to clear it out every night. I've learned to let them go a little longer so that I have some extra time with him :) I'm sure Adam won't mind a few more crumbs on the floor!! You will get the hang of it, I promise.

    1. thanks Becky for the encouragement. i'm slowly starting to realize that yes, sometimes it's more important to spend good time together in the evenings than have everything perfect around the house. glad someone else feels that way too!

  5. Elise,
    I wish I had a magic bullet but I don't. Hence why for most of my marriage I felt like I DIDN'T have it all together, and why West and I know the Papa John's people by name.
    I suppose that you A) embrace some more chaos than you're normally ok with, realizing that it's still cleaner than most other people, B) realize that your body and mind WILL adjust to working nonstop (it's a tough transition on all fronts), and C) decide which things make you absolutely crazy and just do those, leaving the rest for times when you have more energy. Oh, and D) make sure you take a vitamin so you don't get anemic and even more tired.

    I love you!

    1. i'm learning A very quickly and hoping B happens pretty soon. great advice friend. love you too!


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