training, perseverance, and trying to not die.

today i ran about seven miles and then thought i might die. i didn't die. so in the end, i guess it was a victory. a painful one, though. my half marathon training is steadily making me feel more and more crazy. crazy for thinking i want to run it. crazy for thinking i'll be able to.

but one thing i've loved about training so far is that there are so many biblical metaphors for the whole endeavor. and training, perseverance, endurance, feeling like you might die...they are all parts of my walk of faith too. maybe not the feeling like i might die. but, for some christians, that bit applies too. at church we just finished an amazing sermon series through the book of hebrews. 

one of my favorite verses in all of the bible is in hebrews. it goes like this:

"therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. fixing our eyes on jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith." (12:1)

when i run and i think about my tired legs, 
my weakling lungs, 
and the stinking-hot temperatures, 
it's hard not to liken it to other areas of life. 
areas of life that feel like a marathon. 

but this verse says to me, 

"others are watching. you are surrounded by witnesses. so be a witness to them too. through your life, through your perseverance in the face of difficulties, through battling selfishness and pride and materialism and idolatry and all those other nasty things that try to tangle you up and bring you down. look at jesus and remember what he did. look at jesus and remember he didn't have to. look at jesus and remember that he has made your faith perfect, and secure. look at jesus and persevere girl."

it's hard, like a marthon. or even a half-marathon. 

but we've got to persevere.

see, so i like training for this race because it reminds me of the gospel. it's funny how so much of life does.


  1. ohhhhh girl. i feel you. running is all about endurance. being a follower of Christ is all about endurance. making it through the tough times... ENDURING. love it. you are kicking BUTT!

  2. thanks molly! it's so so true. thanks for you lovely post today too!

  3. Elise - way to go. What a great metaphor. I always appreciate your writing.

    I ran 10 today in preparation for a half next month - persevere! Keep up the great training!!! Love to you.

    -stephanie hagen

  4. my mom told me you've been training hard too! congrats on 10...i fee like i'll never get there! maybe next time i'm home we could go for a little run together. :) ...whenever that is.

    love to you too stephanie!

  5. That's awesome! It's great to read this because I'm starting to pick up my running. Very inspiring :-)

    Dainty and Decadent

    1. so exciting! i hope you find it as challenging and rewarding as i have! good luck. and thanks for reading!

  6. i love this so much, elise. thank you for sharing your perspective!

  7. I meant to comment when I read this the first time... it was like you were inside of my head that night :) I'm mentioning you in my Sunday post tonight. Keep on persevering girl!!


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