earthen vessels, some shots.

in all our anniversary/holiday/birthday craziness, i never got the chance to share some sweet anniversary photos.

there is this awesome couple and they are new to the rdu area. and they happen to be very talented. and, while we've had many-a-photo made in the past year (wedding, engagement...) we have had zero in our own hometown. we have enough in cville to make us think we live there.

but alas, we actually live in durham. and it is special to have these photos of us out and about in our actual hometown. in some of our favorite spots.

if y'all live in this area, you should really check out rebecca and joel. but maybe not in the next week or two, as they will be welcoming their precious first child into the world. :)

thanks earthen vessels photography for these sweet shots. and best of luck to you two with the new little babe. he is one lucky kiddo!

happy weekend friends! hope you have some fun plans and plenty of time to rest before the holiday crazy begins!



  1. these are GORGEOUS, elise!!! ahhh!!! i seriously love every single one of them!!

    1. Thanks girl. Yeah the are awesome. And a super cool couple to boot!


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