somewhere to go.

this day last year adam i were (finally) leaving for our honeymoon after several delayed flights and travel snafus. so i thought it might be a good day to share about our more recent getaway, for our anniversary. :)

bloggies, i must tell you about a wonderful place called laurel point. my aunt and uncle are good friends with an awesome couple named jim and lorraine. jim and lorraine own a beautiful bed and breakfast called laurel point retreat. it is in highland county virginia, up in the mountains. and everyone should go there and stay.


one. jim and lorraine. they are absolutely lovely and such great hosts.

two. the views. mountains beyond mountains beyond mountains. (although we didn't have good enough weather to see them all...)

three. hiking—which leads to even more views. just be warned, jodi will go with you and will beat you to the top.

four. jodi. she is the sweetest, smartest, most adorable puppy you’ll ever meet. what a pal.

five. the best breakfasts you will ever eat. lorraine makes bagels, breads, butters…everything, from scratch. also chocolate cake, baked oatmeal, breakfast pizza, and baked apples. i hear her buckwheat pancakes are no joke either, but we were only there two days so we didn’t get it all. even the coffee mugs are handmade! 

six. relaxation. the world seems to stand still up there. our time up there moved so slowly which was such a gift! still, the weekend ended too soon.
wine, reading, fire, mmmm.

seven. all of the cool animals.
glory and jodi.

eight. maple syrup.

nine. it’s super romantic. fireplaces in all the bedrooms. yes please!

ten. are you convinced yet?

if my words haven’t convinced you i hope these photos help. :)


  1. You are making me want to pack my bags and go to Virginia right now! I'm unattached, but it seems like a great place to get away from it all. Beautiful pictures!

    1. oh you so should! it's certainly a perfect place to getaway. thanks for reading!

  2. ummm, hello amazing! totally somewhere I want to go! xoxo

    1. it was amazing! but i'm a sucker for sun river i loved your most recent post too! one of my favorite vacation places ever!


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