and we all played spades.

my parents are in town for a couple of weeks, living at their nc house. so, last night we got to host them for a little thursday night dinner. dinner with my parents almost always ends with a game of spades. for better, or for worse, we love that game. and nothing gets you in the mood for spades like a little homemade vodka sauce, an arugula pear salad, and a yummy bottle of wine. 

much food and laughter was shared. 

how do you like to spend your thursday evenings?

i hope you all have a beautiful (and restful) st. patricks day weekend. we are heading to northern virginia for my best friend's engagement party! d.c. traffic here we come...


  1. my mouth is watering looking at this post. pregnant ladies should be banned from looking at blogs with photos of food. my thursday evening was spent eating ice cream watching SVU. hahaha :)

    1. Haha I only just saw this bit it cracked me up. Can pregabt women even eat vodka sauce?? Hope your ice cream hit the spot. :)


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