Little Knowns-Husband Edition

It's four days before Christmas, my two best friends just left to drive back to VA after coming and visiting for two days, and Adam is working till 8:00 PM tonight. Both my siblings and brother in-law are already home in Gig Harbor. [Do I sound like I'm pouting yet?]

Anyway, in the very least, I'm feeling a little bit of separation anxiety...from everyone!!

So, I thought I'd sit and blog,
(While I drink coffee and shop for a bridesmaid's dress for this gorgeous girl's wedding in June.)

Remember awhile back when I did the post on "little-knowns?" Well, today I think I'll share some little-knowns about that sweet man of mine who won't be home for another 9 or so hours...

Meet Adam William:

-He was a preemie. About 5 weeks early. His hat was too big.

-Now he is full grown, 6' 3".

-He is a sailor-man.

Well, more like this

-He has six sisters. 7 if you count my sister. So 7 sisters.

-When he was little he was addicted to Pepto Bismal. This disgusts me. 

-Before our honeymoon he claimed that the new (2014) VW microbus was his dream car.

-Since our honeymoon he has determined that a Fiat 500 in the back of the new VW microbus is his dream car.

-He lived in New Zealand for a year and taught kiddie kiwis how to sail in the open water. He may never have come back to the US if his visa hadn't expired. 

-He would rather be on the water than anywhere else in the world.

-He can't skateboard...or any other kind of board.

-He wears his wools socks a solid dozen times between washes...

-He wears wool socks just about everyday.

-He hates sweater vests. My mom and I learned this the hard way.

-He wont wear any shirt that has a button down collar.

-He used to play basketball and he wore the same number as Shane Battier, my favorite Duke player EVER. 31.

-In high school he used to tell me that he wanted to name his son Nash. Nash Nelson... 

-He loves to sing and dance, and my sister and I love to imitate his song and dance moves. They are ridiculous (-ly awesome). Para-, Para- Paradise! Oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh-oh. 

-He is extremely ticklish. More than me even.

-He takes very long showers.

-He pees his pants when he thinks about the new Batman movie coming out. I think it's replaced the Fiat 500 as his new obsessive conversation topic. In fact, the other night he took me to see Mission Impossible 4 on IMAX (at which we saw a preview for Batman) and when it ended instead of talking about how freakishly awesome MI4 was, all he could talk about was that Batman preview. 

-The only time I've EVER gone to a midnight premier of any movie was when Adam wanted to go see Batman-The Dark Knight. 

-I wonder how Batman would feel if he knew Adam had betrayed him and dressed as Superman?

-If I would let him, he'd wear shorts in the dead of winter. 
And probably flip-flops. 
With wool socks. 
Ok, maybe not that.

-He writes incredibly sweet notes/cards/letters/thank yous. He puts a lot of thought into his words.

-The most beautiful thing he's ever written, was his vows. Made a complete mess of me.

-He would be just fine if TV didn't exist. 

-He loves whiskey. This works since my dad and brother and uncles and mom and...well my family, they like whiskey too. 

-He loves doing laundry! This is much appreciated.

-He tells the most detailed stories of anyone I know. 

-He likes to surprise me. Also appreciated.

-He is a Husky...not those icky UConn Huskies. These ones:

-His favorite cereal is Quaker Oatmeal Squares. This is not a very interesting one. I'm just staring into the kitchen and I saw the box. But now at least you know his favorite cereal.

-Elderly women have a thing for him. 
Especially the elderly women in my family. 
Particularly my Grandmom and my Great Aunt Bootsie.

-He is the sweetest husband. Just the sweetest. And I love him very much.

If you have a sweet husband too, 

You should tell him so.


  1. I would absolutely die to see Adam driving a cinquecento everyday to work. :) My vote should be obvious.

  2. Haha, I hope he doesn't see your encouragement. But yes, wouldn't that kinda suit him?


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