this week.

here are five wonderful things from this week.

what are five wonderful things from your week?

link up with lauren and share yours too!

i'd just love to hear them.


corrine and pierce's charleston wedding. couldn't have been better. and those southern oaks...breathtaking!

my cousin who we stayed with in charleston's shower was outdoors. so we took all of our showers outside, watching the sun rise over the marsh. it was sparkly on the water. and lovely. now i want an outdoor shower too.

this trail is my happy place to run. sometimes i don't even take my ipod. loved running there this week.

today, we do the final walk through of my parent's NC home and they hand me the keys! almost feels like i'm buying a home! can't wait for mom and dad to get here in a few weeks and move into their new place!

having a couple's date night last night at this awesome place, so that we could surprise all the guys with their deep sea fishing trip. (most of them) did NOT see it coming and the shock/excitement on their faces was priceless. next weekend 11 of them will be heading to the obx for some good old fashioned guy time. there was talk of wearing jorts, wife beaters, and growing mustaches. wouldn't put it past some of's to hoping adam brings back some yummy fish to grill this summer! and here's the sweet boat they are taking.


happiest of weekends to all of you! any fun plans? we're going to my uncle's retirement party in virginia! wherever you find yourselves i hope you have some time to rest and enjoy the weekend. lots of love! xo.


  1. I love that surprise sailing trip...I'm sure Adam was all grins.

    And a little birdie named Adrienne told me you are thinking about the City of Oaks 1/2 marathon? I'm considering it...I need a goal. And I care not about speed, just completing it. We need to run together!

    1. glad to have a partner in crime for that race...i'm excited!

  2. love these, girl!!! i need to check out that restaurant - it looks awesome!

    1. oh boy is it! their spiked shakes are to die for too!


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