high five!

today is friday! 

today is also june!

my life is passing so quickly before my eyes. another week, another five things to high-five. what were the best five things about your week? can you think of them? if you can, link up with lauren and share them too! here are my five:


we got to spend last weekend in charlottesville. ahhh, love. we ate here. got coffee here. got some homemade scoops here. walked around a lot down here. and spent a fun day at lake monticello with old friends, and new friends! ad got a little burned. 

no pictures. we were having too much fun, apparently. 

new running shoes! mine had holes and were killing my knees. i just get so attached to my running shoes that i can't let go. i finally let go. and as a result, i got these sweet babies. city of oaks 13.1 here i come!

we went running with the fullsteam ahead! run club the very day i got them. and i am in love.

had a fun lunch at this place with my brother before he left for new york for his big summer banking internship. so proud of him and hoping to get up to the city sometime this summer for a visit! we drank sweet tea and ate yummy food. then said our goodbyes. boo hoooo. love you bud. 

got my duke diploma in the mail. i freaked out a little and texted a picture of it to lots of people. great! now, about that job...

today, we leave for charleston for this gorgeous girl's wedding! two of my very best friends got into d-town last night, and we're hitting the road soon! after pancakes, naturally.

can't wait to see this awesome venue, to wear this dress that has been burning a hole in my closet, 

but mostly, to spend a weekend with some of my best friends in the whole wide, wide world, celebrating one of God's greatest gifts ever: marriage!  

happy first of june friends! here's to another great month of summertime! 

lots of love to you all this splendid weekend.


  1. oooo that dress is CUTEEEE. have SO much fun in charleston this weekend. i LOVE that town!

    1. thanks molly! I loved wearing it! thank goodness for a bridesmaids dress of choice. :)

  2. Replies
    1. me too! they might be my favorite ever!

  3. Have a wonderful time at the wedding - I hear Charleston is BEAUTIFUL!

    Happy Friday! xoxo

    1. thanks kate! yes, charleston is the loveliest...ah, we enjoyed it so much!


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