out of my shaky hands.

you know when you have expectations? and you try to hold them loosely? because you trust God, you really do. but unknowns are hard. and they are so, unknown. and so, you still hold onto them, loosely. or sometimes it's actually, tightly.

but just then, God takes those expectations out of your shaky little hands and breathes His breath over them. and they explode into something far more beautiful and exciting than you could have possibly hoped.

i believe this happens. i have seen it with my own eyes. once or twice, or ten times...

wednesday night our home was filled with people who my shaky little hands have been holding onto for months. before i even knew their names. and i had expectations for who they would be. where they would come from. what their hearts would look like. and whether i'd get the chance to really know their hearts.

and He did it,

he chuckled at my expectations as He took them and put in my hand, instead, His most wonderful plan.

and it was wonderful.

and each and every one of them are so wonderful.

and i can't wait to get to know them little by little.

and so our small group begins.


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