things i have been loving/thinking/doing lately,

the produce that keeps making appearances in my fridge (besides kale, because obviously): turnips. also, white sweet potatoes. #winter...

i've been listening to a lot of: adele. oh, and hillsong live's newest album, cornerstone. can’t get enough.

my go-to piece of clothing has been: this sweater, which i got for christmas. and can’t seem to stop wearing.

i'm mostly likely to indulge in: talenti gelato, still. have you tried it yet?

my favorite ihpone app is: duolingo! finally, i have someone to practice/speak italian with whenever i want. even if that someone is a little green owl.

a favorite dish to make has been: honey and harissa farro salad from smitten kitchen. but i use quinoa instead. because farro would likely kill me. 

what i’m enjoying reading: i am not actually reading a book right now. but i am reading through my bible this year. i’ve tried a million times, and never made it. i’m already 15% of the way through and not a single day behind. yes, this is the furthest i’ve ever gotten. onward!

(but do you have any good book recommendations?)

where i’ve been eating yummy things in durham: lilly’s pizza. they have a crust i can eat that is actually pretty tasty. i think i have been four times in the past month. cheers!

a product i currently love isgud shampoo, by berts bees. orange petalooza smells fabulous.

someone i have loved getting to know is: this beautiful lady. God introduced us. no, really. it was awesome.

something i’m really looking forward to is: this concert. also my bff's wedding. and duh, the arrival of this little one.

what have been been doing/loving/thinking about lately? would love to know.


  1. you are too, too sweet. and awesome. and such a lovely friend. i love youuuuu.

    1. :) i'm just speaking the truth. can't wait to show off the awesomeness that you are working on right now!


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