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A few months ago a friend of mine, Marcy, wrote a blog about saving things for the perfect opportunity rather than just living in moment and enjoying some of them before it's too late. And I loved it. It was brilliant and inspired me not to be so stingy about things and just enjoy them. So tonight, in an attempt to live that out a little bit, I decided that instead of saving my Christmas money from my dearest Grandmom (which I do for every birthday and every Christmas) I was going to take it and do something special with it. Something that I could remember and thank her for. So...

There's this restaurant in town called Watts Grocery. If you know me you know about: 1.)My food fettish 2.) My obsession with "local food", and 3.)my wonderful fiance Adam. Watts is an amazing restaurant that uses ingredients from local farmers and has incredibly unique seasonal menus. I'd never tried it. Until now.

In the spirit of celebrating the start of a new semester tomorrow, but, much more importantly the fact that Adam got a job in Durham today(!)we went on a date. A real, reservation, dress nice, feel kinda nervous and giddy, date. We never do this. Our "dates" usually include concerts, sailing, cooking, sporting events, (all awesome and so us) but we don't really do restaurants. So this was special. Thanks Grandmom. I loved several aspects of this night:

1.) Adam picked out what I was going to wear. And, it made me laugh because of all the things in my closet he picked this old purple and green $15 cotton dress from my freshmen year of high school. He was looking through my closet, found it, started dancing around the room with it grinning from ear to ear. I watched him and in true "that old thing?" fashion I called him crazy. But then I put it on. He loved it. It reminded me how easy he is to please and how when he came over at 6:00 and I was STILL in my PJs (it was a snow day, ok?), he probably thought I looked just as nice in those as in a dress.

2.) We shared amazing food and made sure to have conversations about the animals we (he) were eating. He had this wonderful lamb meatloaf with farro.

I had lentil cakes on whipped sweet potatoes (my word. these were amazing!)

Of course we shared a flourless chocolate cake for dessert. Mmm.

3.) I was reminded once again that Adam and I are the CLUMSIEST couple in the world. As I was telling a story over dinner my hands and arms were kinda flying (Italiano stlye...Mamma mia!) and not only did I knock over my red wine, but I broke the glass. Everyone looked. Everyone sighed. That poooor thing. Well, that's par for the course with us. Case and point: We are so clumsy that last month when we were staying at our friends, the Wootens, house in Charlottesville we were drinking wine and I insisted that we drink it out of juice cups because I knew that one of us would break one of their wine glasses. Adam refused. We used the glasses and had no accidents. Miracle, I tell you.

4.) No night would be complete without at least 10 minutes of conversation about Audrey which tonight focused on her amazing ability to be such a free spirit and yet so poised and classy. And to make EVERYONE that came into contact with her fall.in.love. Like me. Adam also (almost) agreed that I could name our (future) dog after her. Progress people, progress.

5.) I love when we are thanking God for our food at a restaurant and Adam ends up saying a 10 minute prayer over dinner because everything in his grateful heart just starts spilling out. Even when the smell of the food is filling my nose and people are probably looking at us strange, I thank God in my heart for a (future) husband who is so aware of God's provision in our lives. He reminds me of it constantly.

Thank you God for this education. Thank you for finding Adam a job. Thank you for this new town we are exploring together. Thank you for our daily bread.

Please keep our hearts always grateful.

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  1. 1. Love that you thanked grandmom and she will NEVER read this. Ha, she would not know what to do with a blog if it was sitting in her lap.

    2. That old thing? Adam is funny

    3. Yay for the job for Addo!


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