Happys and Sads, Part Cinque

It's time for the fifth installment of Happys and Sads. This is slowly becoming my favorite post to write each month.

Name: Elise Jordan
Program: MSc Global Health
Year: 1
Weeks completed: A whole semester. Going on the second soon.
Focus: Getting back into school mode.

-Being home for Christmas.
-Spending time with my family and with my family-to-be.
-Spending an entire day last week with my mom and future mother-in-law dress shopping. One of the most delightful days of my break. And an awesome bonding experience!
-Being the proud owner of a wedding dress as of two days ago. And I LOVE it!

This is the shop in Seattle where I finally found it!

-Wedding planning.
-Dreaming about a honeymoon in Italy that we may or may not be able to afford. But oh how we want to!
-My new obsession with Brussel sprouts. This is the recipe I've been using:

-THIS recipe for sweet potatoes that we made on Christmas.

-Adam's ridiculous randomness that makes me laugh:

  • "E: Is it illegal to hold hands while you're driving?
A: I don't think so. Unless, you only have one arm."
  • "I really wish people who lived in Gig Harbor were called Giggles."
  • "I just can't wait for people to love our dogs and kids."
  • When He tries on clothes at a store he takes all of the things he isn't getting and puts them all back in their place around the store. Isn't he sweet? But I still give him grief because they pay people to do that...
  • Nothing tops his lounging look of basketball shorts with really tall wool socks. It kills me. But I think it's adorable.

-Adam's sister Heidi giving us the gift of taking some engagement photos of us while we are home. They are beautiful and so special to have. She and her colleague also made THIS video of the process. Such a fun day.

Hehe. This was Heidi's idea. I think it's cute.

-This week of sunshine everyday. Sunshine = Beautiful views of the mountains too. Ahhhh.
-Spending New Year's Eve with our old group of friends from High School at the lovely apartment of Gary and Shasta Kelley.
-Shaz and Gary's cute puppies that I am somehow not allergic to. Miracle. Can we have one Ads? (Then people can love them?)

-Spending two days and a night in Seattle with my family and Adam where we:
1. Ate amazing Italian food.
2. Explored Seattle.
3. Watched the Huskies win the Holiday Bowl!
4. Bought my wedding dress.
5. Made a new great friend named Katie, who actually sold me my wedding dress.
6. Had lunch at Pike Place market with our dear friends from England, the Applebys.
7. Picked out some Christmas gifts at Anthro...(God, cure me from this evil disease please. But actually, don't.)

-Leaving to go skiing in Whistler tomorrow with my parents and brother. Whistler = One of my happiest places on earth. More on this trip later...

-Laura and Robert not being home for Christmas.
-No matter how hard I try I can't get out of the sleep deficit that I established this semester.
-Having a hard time keeping in touch with people in the past month.
-Thinking about starting the next semester on the 12th.
-I haven't read one book over break. I had ten that I was supposed to read. Now it's going to be summer before I can pleasure read.
-It cost me $60 to bring my bags home on the airplane. And it's going to cost $60 more next week when I fly home. That's $120. My bags barely fly for less than I do. Seriously, $120? Ugh.
-Having to clean out my room at home, completely. Now that I'm getting married my stuff has to go. I just can't find it in me to throw away old things I've collected since middle school. Or my old overalls. My Mike Krzyzewski bobble head??

My sads just never out number my happys. I have a feeling it will be the same in 2011. Happy New Year!!!


  1. 1. I still have my Mike Bobble head, its on our desk. No need to throw that away.
    2. You can live without the overalls
    3. I wish I were going to Whistler!

  2. Some of your sads can be happys too since you are reliving good times. Just take these things, box them up and keep them for a time when you want to remember home. Not saying you have to decorate with the bobble head, but I must tell you that Grayson and I still have memorabelia boxes from when we were in school. Just one box each as there is not room for more. ;-) We did not go to school together. Maybe you and Adam can have just one box.


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