Why, Hello.

Ahhh, Heeeelllo Sunshine!

As noted in a previous post, I have had this really bad itch for Spring to arrive. I've been real patient. But now, I'm really and truly and honestly and earnestly...ready for Spring. And today, friends, it is sun-shiney with a glorious temperature of 77 degrees. I'm not lying.
I'm so happy I could scream. Or eat ice cream. Or something.

When the sun starts to come out and the weather starts to warm up I just get cooky and giddy and things like this start happening:

-I wear short sleeves and shoes without socks. And before long I've ditched the shoes (barefoot = best) and rolled up the legs of my jeans.

-I walk home from campus rather than taking the bus.

-I try to hold an automatic sliding door for someone at the grocery store.

-I listen to the radio in my car rather than my ipod and belt out "All I wanna doooo is have some fun" with Sheryl Crow when she comes on. Windows down of course.

-I wear my favorite big green sunglasses (cause I NEED them!) that my Mamma and I found on sale at Anthro over Christmas. (Note: There is a reason that it's easy to find sunglasses on sale in Seattle...)

-I open the windows and doors of my apartment so it, too, can get filled with the happy-goodness of sunshine and warmth.

-I don't clean my room and change my sheets like I do most Friday afternoons, because I have one of those rooms that's inside.

-I don't listen to music while I'm making a dessert (tirimisu!) for a dinner party tonight. I usually always listen to music while I bake. But today is sunny and warm and my windows and doors are open and instead I listen to all the sounds and happenings on my street right now. Sunshine brings out lots of lovely sounds: Like birds, and kids playing, and laughter, and the ice cream truck. This is TRUE music to my ears.

-I accidentally put 6 cups of sugar instead of 6 Tablespoons of sugar in my tirimisu...whoops!

-I blog...while sitting on my front porch. :)

-I put my sunflowers (that are still looking beautiful a week later) out on the porch with me so that they can soak up some of this sunshine too.

Sunflowers, meet Sunshine.

The seven of us (Me + 5 Sunflowers + Sunshine) all wish you a very merry Friday. Even if it's not sunny and 77 degrees where you are, I hope that something bright fills your day and your spirit as you exhale and get ready for the weekend.

We'll leave you with this verse from the Psalm I studied this week:

"For the Lord God is a SUN and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless." Psalm 84: 11.

Peace and Prayers and Popsicles,



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