hive-five for friday!

it's friday! or, as we they say in italy, 


ok, got my snobbish, i-miss-speaking-italian comment out so now we can move right along. (but doesn't everything sound a little bit better in italian? no? just me?)

oh, i'm just so happy it's friday i could sing. lot's of fun things went down this week which means there is much to be grateful for and much to share as i link up with lauren for high-five for venerdi friday! can you think of five good things from this week? if you can (and i bet you five bucks you can) you can link up too. it's fun! just click the button below for the how-to. 


while you are now thinking of yours, here are mine:

i spent last weekend in virginia! you know, how happy that made me. i spent most of it with my favorite sister and her husband. but i got to sneak over to my happy place, charlottesville(!), for easter service at portico church, which was beyond awesome. we met at the jpj arena and praised Jesus till we cried. literally. even my hubs was tearing up. look how many people came!

a pretty picnic by the water with: family and friends and bocce ball and inchworms and easter eggs and kayaks.

i gave up french fries for lent. and until wednesday i still hadn't had any. so i texted adam that we should get some chick-fil-a. i was seriously ready for some waffle fries (oh hey steph!). he didn't respond. i thought it was because he was offended by my suggestion, seeing as we never eat fast food. but actually, he was on the phone with his sister so he didn't see it. (keep reading)
meanwhile, he went through the drive through at chick-fil-a and brought me home some waffle fries!!!!! without ever seeing my text. he freaked out when he saw it while i was sitting there eating my fries. moral of the story: my husband can read my mind. cool! and yikes!
i gave, and passed, my masters thesis defense. this was huge! praise Jesus. that makes me a few papers away from being a master. ad and i joke that now we will be mr. and master nelson. bah! the day he calls me that...

tonight we are going to see switchfoot! it is our dream to see jon foreman in a solo concert. do you know any of his music? well, he's fabulous. check him out here. he is also the lead singer of switchfoot so we figured this would be the next best thing, for now. it's been too long since we saw some live tunes. so hooray for starting our weekend off on such a good note! (that pun was all for you ad).

ok, now you've had plenty of time to think of five things to be grateful for this week. what were they? i hope your weekends are full of fun and surprising little happys too.

love you readers so stinking much. thanks for coming.


  1. Waffle fries in Chick-Fil-A sauce are my weakness!

    Great Blog :) I am your newest follower.

    1. Yes! They are so irresistible. And thank you so much for following!

  2. Hey, I found you through the link up and am so glad I did! Love that dress you got to wear on your picnic! I miss living by inchworms. I think it's just a little too hot for them all down here.

    1. Thank you! It's one of my very favorites. Jumping over to you blog now to see where "down here" is because somewhere too hot for inchworms sounds great! :)

  3. that's so funny that your hubs got you fries without even knowing it. also, i cannot believe you gave up fries for lent! go you! i don't know if i could ever do that...i love them too much.

    happy friday!

    1. I was the weirdest/happiest moment ever! I'm not sure how i made it without them either. I had to blindfold myself when driving past cookout...See you tomorrow!


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