surprise vacation

yesterday i was talking on the phone to my mamma. i was sick and heading to the store to get some meds. we were talking about her trip to mexico next week for this awesome couple's wedding. i made some comment about how i wish i could go with her, especially now that i'm done with graduate school, waiting for graduation, and in limbo with the job situation. we hung up. and before i could get my dayquil and ricola in the basket, she and my dad had found seats on my mom's flights to and from tulum, mexico.

"happy graduation! we're so proud of you!"

meet, my parents.

they are they most generous people i know. and, they always find ways to celebrate our accomplishments and let us know they are proud of us. for example, buying me a ticket to go lay on the beach in mexico with my mamma. i don't think there is anything that my body and my mind would benefit more from right now. 

only downside, i had to ditch my plans with ad to spend the weekend in cville. cville, no i don't love mexico more than you. adam, no i don't love mexico more than you. i know you both understand. thanks for letting me have this vacation. and the nice tan that will accompany it. 

i don't know when i'll start my first job. and i don't know when i'll have time off next. but, i do know that this spontaneous little vacation that i'm taking is the perfect way to celebrate the end of my time at duke and re-energize for whatever is next! 

so on that note, any suggestions for good beach reading?


  1. How exciting!

    Beach reading I would recommend is The Hunger Games if you haven't already read those, Matched, Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult, and any Nicholas Spark book.

    Have an awesome time on your surprise vacation! =)

  2. thanks! i haven't read the hunger games. i'm tempted though...

    love all the suggestions!


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