never would i ever

so, wednesday I posted about things that i'd love to do before my life is over. after writing them and hearing some of the things on your lists, it got me thinking about the things that i would never ever do. at least not in this life! i hate that these things exist (does it make me less fun?), but i guess i'll admit that i have my limits. are there any things that you would absolutely never do? what are they? 

-i would never (didn't while I was at UVa) streak the lawn. Do you know about this tradition? Click here and scroll down to the section about "streaking the lawn." i really wish i had been cool/brave/free enough to do this, but i just never had it in me. i know a lot of people did it after long evenings of inebriating activities...maybe i just didn't participate in enough any of those activities to divert my inhibitions on this one...i am just not a streaker. i'll keep my clothes and undies, thank you.

-i would never sky dive. i used to think i wanted to do this because it sounded so hard core. but the more and more i think about it, the more and more i realize that i would hate it more than eating a tub of black licorice while rooting for north carolina. the amount of terror that i would experience would outweigh the high from doing it about 1000 to 1. paragliding, check. parasailing, sure why not. bungee jumping, it's a possibility. free falling from an airplane for 1000s of feet clinging to the hope my parachute will open correctly and prevent my death, nope. i will not do it sam i am.

-i would never eat a tub of black licorice. not even one piece actually.

-i would never root for carolina, duh.

-i would never go on reality tv. wait, unless ty wanted to come build me an awesome new house...while sending me and ad on a stellar vacation together.

-i would never pass up a free scoop of ice creamz.  

-i would never swim with sharks. at least, i don't think i would. it freaks me out enough to go stand next to the glass at the zoo with those huge sharks swimming right up to me. the way they stare at you out of the side of their heads...eek. maybe if the sharks were small, vegetarian, and friendly then i would. or if i could be in a cage. but chances are, it's not going to happen. they can have their space, and i'll stick to mine.

-i would try just about any food, but i would never eat horse. i had a friend in italy who was from the south (of italy, that is). and they eat horses there sometimes. i'm not judging, i'm just saying no. not for me.

-i would never pierce any body part besides my ears. one, i couldn't pull it off. two, ouch. and three, i just don't want to. on this note...

-i would never get a second tatoo. i love my tat. i mean, reeeaally love it. i got it on my 18th birthday with my best friend/sister in-law emily. my art teacher designed it, it's very subtle, and it's on my foot where i can easily cover it. never have i regretted it. never will i ever want another one. it's perfect and totally enough.
Photo by the sweet Meredith McKee!

gosh, as this list grows i feel lamer and lamer by the minute. i better quit before i lose all my cool beans. what are some things that you have resolved never to do? or are you open to just about anything?

happy new week my friends! remember,

"this is the day (week!) that the Lord has made. let's rejoice! and be glad!" (Psalm 118:24)


  1. you crack me up, elise! i love #2.

    love your lists!

    1. thanks marcy! it took me awhile to admit to that one. :)


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