i woke up with a smile, once.

the other day adam and i spent at least an hour watching all the random footage from our wedding week that all of our friends took on flipcams. for no reason except that we remembered we had it. it was fun to recall all the little details. like what adam ate for breakfast that morning. and how disgusting the weather was when we woke up. or the quiet little toast that my mom and mother in-law made with one another "to grandchildren" at our rehearsal dinner. sneaky sneaky mammas. 

but this was a favorite. my sister took a video of me waking up that morning, which she claims is the only time she has seen me wake up with a smile on my face. 

what she says, it's possibly true. 

i'm not the morningest of people.

but here's proof it can happen. 15 months ago today! 

loved every last second of that day. and i've loved every last second of these past fifteen months. 

and i love you adam. 

for spending them with me. 


  1. this made me cry especially when mazy jumped in. and yuck my voice is so annoying

    1. i love your sweet voice "leeeeesieee". and snuggles with cae. what a great start to a great day!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Molly!! It's fun to remember that morning. :)

  3. how is it possible to be so darn adorable all the time.


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