the perfect way to start a new year is to take a weekend away with friends. particularly, if that weekend takes place on a beautiful farm in a house that is 200 years old and decorated to perfection. is there anything quite like pizza, wine, a crackling fire, and great company? because, i’m not sure there is.

this weekend we took a little trip up to old virginny with some of our favorite friends from nc. i played hooky friday since adam didn’t have to work, so we had a nice long weekend before he starts his new job (this week!). we went wine tasting at this wonderful winery, owned and run by italiani! it’s no wonder their wine is so good. we went to dinner here one night, played with all the animals living at the farm, and even got fresh eggs from the hen each morning!

and on top of all that, we had some wonderful time to read, relax, talk about God, and pray together as couples. yes, it was as wonderful as they come. and yes, like all good things it came to an end. luckily, my parents were in town from the west coast and waiting for us when we returned. life is good.

how did you spend your weekend? i hope it was lovely and relaxing. any big plans for this week? for superbowl sunday? my team lost a heartbreaker a couple weeks ago, so we won’t be playing sunday. but i’ll still enjoy participating in the festivities. (aka, food/comercials).

ps, thanks west, for this picture of the ladies!

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