a birthday effort.

today is a very special boy’s birthday.

ain’t he a cutie?

ok, so he’s not really a boy anymore, but i’m sure he’ll always be one to his mother. and i just happen to think this is the sweetest picture known to man. i hope our future son will smile just like this. this is about what he looked like thursday night when his huskies upset (no. 8) stanford. he’s a husky through and through.

but to the point, today is his birthday. and, while i’ve been around for many-an-adam-birthday, this is the first one on which I am his wife.

so my goal was to make him feel especially celebrated. that, was the goal.

which is why i set my alarm clock extra early this morning so i could make him yummy muffins before work. and why i felt like a jerk when i slept through my alarm clock and made no such muffins. it’s also why i felt like a jerk when he woke up to my (early) alarm clock when i didn’t. it’s why i felt really badly when i missed three calls from him earlier when he was stranded (out of gas) in the rain, and some other nice person (stranger…) had to rescue him instead of his dear wife.

but hope still lingers…

we are going to one of our favorite places for dinner tonight to celebrate. and if any restaurant could redeem a poor birthday effort by a wife, it’s this one. have you been? if not, you should go right now. it’s so good. and i’m counting on them to help a wife out and make this birthday celebration a fun one.

sorry for no muffins. sorry for waking you up early on your birthday. sorry that you got cold and wet and stuck in the rain today. but trust me, i love you to the moon and back and I love celebrating you being another year older, wiser, more handsome, and more wonderful. love being your wife more than you know. glad I get to be your wife for all the rest of your birthdays too. here’s to hoping i get better at them… happy birthday!


  1. thanks molly! hope to catch up soon and hear all about your trip!


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