in town.

last weekend two of my best friends came to town. these are very special girls to me. i always cry a little when they leave. it's pathetic. but the good thing, is we had such a great time while they were here. we spent a leisurely morning at the durham farmer's market--where we ate lots of cheese and bought a large quantity of kale. and took pictures of cute puppies in bikes.

we went shopping, walking on pretty trails, to church, and made a delicious supper of this potato and kale curry. we used white sweet potatoes instead of regular and two bunches of kale instead of one. it was the perfect fall dinner! and to have these sweet things in my kitchen with me, was heaven. who said three cooks in the kitchen was too many? i love cooking with my best friends. (and i'm learning how to be less of a kitchen control freak!) 

we also snacked on award winning cheese from here and sipped on this yummy wine. which made the cooking all the better. you know how it is...

what do you like to do with your best friends when they come to town? do you live close to them or far away? even though i live far away from most of mine, we always make the best of the time we get together. :) 

but we also try to make the most of our time apart. i think you've got to. 

well, hope your week is going well and that your fall weather is putting on the show that ours is. ahhh, how i love fall. happy wednesday!


  1. oh girl i go through that all the time when i see my friends from afar. i'm going up for my best friend's wedding this weekend and i know i'll cry when i leave my friends again. it's hard getting older, but those times together when you DO see each other are the best. :)

    1. you are so right...just another way that growing up is hard to do! i hope you have so much fun this weekend with all of your friends. weddings are such a perfect excuse to see everyone. don't cry too much!!!


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