Happys and Sads, Part Four

It's been awhile since my last Happys and Sads. And a lot has happened in the meantime. So, while this list isn't comprehensive, it is a good start. More to come in the next edition.

Name: Elise Jordan
Year: 1
Program: MSc Global Health
Weeks Completed: 14
Focus: Depression among Bhutanese Refugees in Eastern Nepal
(and also, Christmas, wedding planning, and staying warm...)

-Forgetting the sour cream in my thanksgiving cupcakes. Then throwing them away.
-Coming back from Thanksgiving break only to have to stay up most of the night for three nights in a row to get 2 presentations, 20 pages worth of paper, and a STATA lab done. Ugh.
-UVa losing to UW in basketball. Scratch that. UVa getting MURDERED by UW in basketball. AND, I had to watch it with Adam.

-No matter how quiet of a room I find in the library, I can never avoid the extremely loud typer. It makes focusing near impossible, yet I know there is no way you can object to someone typing...in a library.
-Finals. Yuck yuck yuck.
-The heater in my room blows out cold air. My room is colder than our fridge.
-Having three things of curry powder when all I needed was chili powder.
-I hate listening to voicemails so I just let them accumulate till I want to scream because I hate the little icon on my screen so I finally give up and listen to 12 in a row. Which takes approximately an hour.
-Kyrie Irving getting injured. Nooooooooooo. (Note: This is actually a TRAGIC)

-Regression modeling cheerleading chants with Dr. Pence. (Note: Dr. Pence's UNC pom-poms were actually a Sad. Boo. But, Dr. Pence, with poms = definitely a happy.)
-UNC losing three times. Baahhahaha. Sorry. (Not)
-Duke being number one and kicking everyone's booty.
-Thanksgiving week with lots of family and friends and food and fun.
-The ELF hat my Aunt gave me to wear for my birthday (to remember where I came from)

-Spending a day at the farm (I was the only one to hit the target shooting on my first try.)

-Birthday gift cards to Anthropologie.
-Getting these boots for my birthday. :) And these PJs and this top and dress with birthday gift cards!!

-Getting engaged to Adam William Nelson. :)

-The sweet moment Adam and I had two nights before we got engaged when he tucked me into bed (on Grandmom's couch) and prayed with me. He just seemed so joyful...and anticipatory!
-Wedding planning and already having the best Lo Moh in the world.
-Holiday parties with friends. (And free food and drinks! Woot.)
-My electric blanket.

-Reflecting on Christmas and the coming of the King.
-The most wonderful weekend with a family SO near and dear to my heart, the Porters, in Matthews N.C. And one of my best friends (and author of a must-read blog), Stephanie, came up from Florida to join us there. Pictures below.

I love these children.

Steph and I dressed up in Amber's old prom and homecoming dresses. Such a ball.

We built a gingerbread village with the kids. Our village included Santa's house, the sweet shop, the candy shop, the bakery, and the chalet.


  1. I thought you numbered the Happys and Sads editions in Italian Lady

  2. Eeeks. Sorry. Will resume that next time.


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