Success at #8

Here's to another fabulous Christmas Party at # 8 33rd Ave. Thanks everyone for coming! (All 115 of you!) We love seeing all the people we love walk through our door each Christmas season. We've all been sitting around today, cleaning, still caroling, recalling and sharing all the wonderful conversations we had last night. Our house may be a mess, but our hearts are just overflowing.

Here are a couple of highlights from last night:

-All the delicious food. Who brought that Brie? Amazing!
-The five golden rings were the loudest as always. Even without Laura.
-All the sweet congratulations and wishes on our engagement.
-Ok, getting to wear my new Anthro dress. Sorry. Had to.
-Little Baby Oliver.

-Uncle Tom singing O Holy Night.
-Dad and Paul in tuxes.

-A few lovely conversations with people I'd never met.
-Many lovely conversations with people I know and love.

-My future in-laws coming and getting to meet my family. So special.

-Seeing my SISTER-to-be for the first time since getting engaged.
-Family pic! (With my new family)

-Brothers to be. And they are all so tall.

-Paul's Posse. I love them.

-Caroling. Caroling. Caroling.

-These two, whose amazing generosity and hospitality make it possible to have such a fun night to share with those we love. I love my parents.

So thank you again everyone who came. Our Christmas wouldn't be the same without you. May the rest of this season bring you great Joy as you reflect on the coming of the King. I'm looking forward to seeing many of y'all tonight at church as we celebrate together at an even better party--a party for Christ's birth!


  1. We are so sad we missed this year's caroling party! John and I spent 6 hours in the car yesterday singing along to the radio, talking about past caroling parties, and wishing instead we were singing with the Jordan's! Merry Christmas

  2. I wish I had been there, it looked like so much fun! Of course, it would have been more fun had I been there, we all know that. You look super cute in your Anthro dress!


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