Where Light Matters

This is what I learned this Christmas:

Darkness. It existed.
Then, the light was created and pierced the darkness.
But very soon the world was darkened again by our sinfulness.
God had a solution...
He sent his son. He was a light to pierce this darkness too. His name was Jesus. We celebrate His birthday on Christmas.

As a Christian I am supposed to be a light. But what good does a light do in, well, the light? I am notorious for not turning on the lights until I really need them. My roommates have given me a lot of grief about not using enough light when I'm reading or doing things. I just don't see the point of turning on lights until it's pretty dark out (and you need them). It saves electricity. It makes sense. But, hmm. This makes me think about what it means to effectively shine our lights as Christians. A song we sang on Christmas Eve talked about carrying your light and running to the darkness. I think sometimes I prefer to shine my light...where it's light. This seems to contradict my above stated theory about lights/electricity/uselessness/etc.

After the shepherds saw Jesus they "Spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child." (Luke 2:17) They left the light and ran to the darkness to tell people.

Isn't it easier to shine Christ's love among:
Family you love?
Really good, easy, uplifting relationships?
Church community?

But how much harder is it to shine his love in the darkness:
Hurtful relationships?
People that you don't like to spend time with or be around?
Those who are just waiting to mock your faith?
In traffic?
Places that require you to leave your comforts and go? Blindly.

This post doesn't have one over arching take-away I guess. But what I've felt convicted of throughout this Christmas season is that I need to make sure that I am not just trying to show love to those who it is easy to love. To those who know Christ's love well and show me Christ's love well. To those who I enjoy being around. To those only in...America.

I don't want to just show His love to those who I naturally come into contact with. I want to intentionally come into contact with people who need to be loved.

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