The Whole Package

I'm not going to blog about you-know-what that happened last night. I'm in denial and don't want to talk about it. For those of you who don't automatically know what I'm referring to, let's just drop it...

Instead I want to blog about the amazing thing that occurred last night. Adam and I went to see Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors perform in Raleigh. Remember these guys? No? You can refer to a post appropriately titled A New Obsession to refresh your memory.

We accidentally discovered this band in December and haven't been able to get enough of them since. My friends, they've just got the whole package:

-Original, brilliant, and moving lyrics. They write their own music.
-AWESOME sound.
-Singers who are a married couple who just look like they could eat each other up when they are singing together.
-No fear of playing really loudly, in a really small venue. They rock it out. Every time.
-Awesome sense of humor.
-Realness and sincerity that comes through in everything they do.

Last time I sent you to their website to listen to some of their music. But this time I'm brining them to you! How easy is that? Some would call this nagging. I call it persistence. But it's for your own good I promise. You will love them. Below is their music video for a song called "Fire and Dynamite."

Then go listen to "Live Forever," "Hung the Moon," "Anywhere but Here," and "Can't get enough of you" too.
Then call me and thank me relentlessly for introducing you to your new favorite band.

If you don't like them, I won't be offended. But I just felt like it was my duty as a friend to tell all of you lovely devoted readers about them.

Happy Friday and Enjoy!!

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  1. you should let me sing one of their songs at your reception

    oh wait


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