Happys and Sads, Part Otto

March has come and gone now, but was a fun-filled month for me. So much happened in the past 30.5 days of my life. Here are some of the Happys and Sads that I can remember. And April...here we come.

Name: Elise Leighann Jordan
Program: MSc Global Health
Year: 1
Weeks completed: 30
Focus: Getting through finals. Then to Nepal.


-The Duke-UNC rivalry being incorporated into a sermon at church. Love living in this area.
-The Anthropologie apron and gluten free baking cookbook that a good friend sent me just for fun.

-Trader Joe’s chick peas, they just taste better than any other chick peas. They’ve done it again.
-Spring break with two besties.
-Three weekends in a row in Cville.
-Mamma visiting me and spending a girls weekend doing wedding stuff. For those of y'all who don't know me well, I LOVE my Mamma.

-This moment:

-Getting to know this girl better: Especially over pint(s) of gelato and awkward stories.

-God using the amazing couple that we are doing pre-marital counseling with to speak so much wisdom into our lives. And to bring a lot of laughter to our souls. And often, ice cream to our bellies.
-Finished our wedding website. Come visit!
-Going to another Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors concert and having them rock my socks right off.
-The Pioneer Woman. She just gives my life so much entertainment and happiness. She also provides many-a-good recipes. Check her out and you’ll never turn back. She makes reading a recipe hilarious.
-Wedding Registering.
-Realizing that EVERYTHING is 10 times as much fun when I'm doing it with Adam. I.e. registering.
-Free bags of peanuts.
-Getting our engagement photos back from Eric Kelley and being obsessed with them. Thanks Eric and Lora! Y’all rock.

-Making friends with chickens

-Making yummy chicken

-Adam has an application on his droid where he can talk to the phone and it will type the text for him. This often results in gibberish messages that crack me up.
-Passing up the 7th month mark on our wedding countdown.
-I have the cutest Grandmom in the whole world. Period. And she just celebrated her 86th year of being awesome.

-Finding out that we are leaving a week later for Nepal so I don't have to miss my cousin's wedding!
-Only three weeks left of school!! Phew.

-That game/massacre/nightmare. Sad, sad story. But I still love my Duke.
-Wondering how I'm going to get all the work I have left done in three weeks of school.
-The bus drivers always start driving before I've safely reached my seat or support pole. I go flying, naturally.
-Nice weather followed by horrible, horrible weather. It’s confusing.
-I broke one of my roommate's plates today. So far I have broken two of her plates and ruined one of her cookie sheets. Thank goodness they don't have rank-your-roommate sites the way they do with professors. I'd have 0 stars.
-Helping one of my favorite Durham friend pack her apartment up into a Uhaul so she could move away. :(
-Finding out that another of my favorite Durham friends is moving to Houston.
-Wondering why all my Durham friends keep moving away.

-I bought a one-piece swimsuit. Adam made fun of me. But I think it’s adorable. And modest. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
-Funny Quotes from my friends lately:
"Can you see this font? 'Cause that's font right there!"
"Is she (your mom) related to you? Oh wait, your MOM!"
“Elise, you have a crush on Butler don't you?”
“I look like I own Nepal these days.”
"Fidora on the Floor-a. (Like Dora the Explora?)"
-When it rains (i.e. this entire week) I wear my green rain coat, which happens to be the exact same shade as my Whole Foods lunch box. Which happens to be the exact same shade as my bright green rainboots. I look like a giant lime. Or Kiwi. Or Something.
-We made fish last night and the smell will not depart my apartment. I'm getting a little fish-high.


  1. I love the blog and the photo of you and Adam and me, I forgot that picture existed, can I have it?

  2. Reading your blog makes me feel like I have had a visit with you. That makes me smile.

  3. is your one piece bathing suit from anthro by any chance?

    i am contemplating getting this one b/c i think it is adorable!!!:


  4. YES! It is. It's black and white polka dot. I think they're coming back...that's my story at least.
    I'm going go look at yours right now.

  5. Haha, that's the one I got. :)


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