Friday First: Half off a Double

This week's First is slightly less difficult than last week's. Just an update from that one though: Today was Napali lessons round two, and I managed not to embarrass myself or offend anyone. That's all I ask for in this life.

My second First (if you will) is something that I've been wanting to do for about 6 months--since I first signed up for a crazy little, happy little, wonderful little thing called Living Social. For those of you who haven't heard: You give Living Social your email address and they email you coupons for everything you like to do, places you like to go, food you like to eat, etc. Each day you get one in your inbox. It's for real.

My fear is that I'll buy the coupon ONLY because it is such a good deal. When ordinarily, I just wouldn't spend the money. And this is how I talk myself out of buying some of the best deals that have ever passed through my fingers.


This story really happened: Two weeks ago my friend Andria and I concluded that we needed to go on a double date with our fiances before she and hers move to Houston, which is very soon. We decided on a certain restaurant, because allegedly they have the best mussels that Andria has ever tasted. We decided this at about 11:00 PM one night. The NEXT morning we both checked our emails and, you'll never believe this, the Living Social that day was for the exact restaurant that we had decided the night before that we wanted to go. And it was for 50% off. So, needless to say, I bought my first Living Social, and tomorrow night we have a lovely double date planned.

Well, it's kind of a half double date. It's a half off double date.

200% of fun dateness and 50% of the price. Now THAT's a deal.

So, my friends, I am officially using my First Living Social ever. Here's to another 6 months of waiting for another perfect coincidence.

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