an original idea, or not.

hello friends! it's great to be back. i loved taking a week (plus) break from a lot of things (including blogging) and focus on family and friends over the holidays. we were home on the west coast for a week and got to see lots of loved ones. not going to lie, we are feeling a little homesick back here in nc now. so i thought to raise the spirits, i'd share a few highlights from our 2012. you know, to be original...

1. whistler. a week of absolute bliss. 

2. a(nother) diploma. thank you duke for this expensive piece of paper and an invaluable degree. although, i don't feel like a master.

3. mexico. with my mamma for a wedding on the beach.
4. charleston, sc. to be in a best friend's beautiful wedding.
5. san francisco. for another best friend's wedding on the pacific side of things.
6. my parents. buying a home in nc! just twenty-five minutes away from us!
7. adam's parents. hosting them in the south, for an awesome week this summer. 
8. employment. getting my first (real) job! 
9. anniversary. celebrating one year of marriage to the best man in the world.
10. quarter-century. turning twenty-five and feeling a little older and wiser for it. well, at least older.
11. providence. having my best friend from uva (charlottesville, va...) who lives in northern virginia meet, date, and get engaged to a guy from my hometown (gig harbor, wa...). and having her sweet self in gig harbor for christmas too. life doesn't get much better than that. and the world doesn't get a whole lot smaller, either.

13. our first home. buying it, moving into it, and living in it together. hooray!

just in general, can i say that i loved this year? lots of things went well and lots of fun things happened to us.

but there were very sad things that happened in our world, our country, and even in our own circle of family and friends too. lots of them. i don't live expecting everything to be perfect anymore. i think there may have been a time when i was so naive. that time probably existed for many of us. but this is true: the more i see the imperfection of this world, and our lives in it, the more amazed i am by God. and just how perfect He is. 

so instead of expecting things to be perfect, i just expect that God will be constant. and He is. 

and He is constantly perfect.

so i'm excited for this new year.

and i wish a very happy one to all of you sweet readers too!!


  1. love this post, elise!! Happy New Year! and i know that God has BIG things in store for 2013 for you!!


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