My husband has quirks. 

Does your husband have quirks?

I'm not sure if I believe you if you said no your husband has no quirks.

All husbands have them. So do all wives.

Here is one of Adam's most amusing quirks: Throwing food away. Perfectly good food. I'm not sure where or when he developed it, but Adam has this weird phobia of old food. I looked up a comprehensive list of "food phobias" and this is not on there. The closest two I found were Necrobphobia, the fear of dead things and Toxophobia, the fear of accidentally being poisoned. I'm not sure if either of these really get at the root of his fear though.

No joke, tonight he threw away sour cream that doesn't expire for another month. Just because he felt like he had seen it one too many times, so it was probably super old. When I questioned him on it (we needed sour cream for dinner) he said, um, I think I saw a weird speck in it. Yes, I dug it out of the trash bin to inspect this speck. There was in fact, no speck. Nice try Ad.

Later, I opened the trash to throw away my tea bag and found half a bottle of (again, not even close to expired) salsa. Not just salsa, but this really nice (ahem, more expensive) salsa that I bought him as a treat (he loves salsa...). It looked good, smelled good, was still within expiration...and there it was in the trash bin. I pulled it out and looked at him with complete disbelief and asked him what was it that the salsa did to secure its fate? Was it in cahoots with the sour cream? Who knows. 

Maybe I need to change the dinner menu for tomorrow tonight, slow-cook tacos. Hold the sour cream and salsa?? Eh, no thanks.

When I make salads he often asks, "So, when did you buy these greens again?" I swear if a fresh unopened gallon of milk looked at him the wrong way, it would be dumped just on principle. 

It's no wonder the squirrels make a home in our trash can outside and feast on all of our good-for-another-month food. Feeding the squirrels, what good humanitarians we are...

To be honest, I think it's the tiniest bit endearing. Otherwise, I wouldn't be writing a whole post about it. And, it's one of those things I never really knew about him until we lived together. And I love those things. And I love that they still pop up all the time. I know him so well, and yet so little. What a fabulous feeling. Do you still have things like that? How long before they stop popping-up? I hope a long while.

Now let's just hope he doesn't start blogging about my quirks...

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