I'm linking up with Lauren again for High Five for Friday, and sharing my top 5 goodness from this week.

1. Seeing Moneyball at the $4 theatre with my sweet husband and fun couple friends. Also, sneaking Cold Stone into the film.

2. Brunch at Watt's Grocery with the family on Sunday after church. Best brunch in Durham. I said it.

3. Our new bookcase that can fit all our books. And looks good doing it. 

4. This gluten, corn, soy, nut free pizza that I indulged in. My favorite from Whole Foods.

5. Last, but certainly not least...I'm a terrible person, but this made me so giddy. 
Florida State 90. 
UNC 57.
See, terrible person.

Hope you found lots of goodness in your week too! What were some of your favorites? 

Happy weekend to you!


  1. I have to agree, seeing UNC lose by that much was sheer delight. I might try this high 5 thing, how does it work?

  2. Pretty pumped that I'm now on your blog roll...woot.

  3. We just got a bookcase like that and I am loving it! :)


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