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I don't always do birthday shout-outs, but today, I just can't resist. Especially because this birthday girl is my dearest blogging companion and author of my favorite blog to read, The Glovebox. Duh. 

Also, she's just one of my very best friends. So why not show her some love and say a great big

Happiest of Birthdays to Stephanie Glover!!!!

Here are some reasons I love and adore this girl:

-She reached out to me and became my first Christian friend at UVA. 

-She is beautiful and tall and funny and sweet and basically just has the whole package.

-She is confident. I LOVE this about her. 

-She has the cleverest of all blog names. The Glove Box. Her last name is Glover. Her blog's tagline is "My randomness has found a home." Get it? Because you shove all your random stuff in your glovebox. I think it's pure brilliance. 

-She might deny this, but she is phenomenal at having balance in her life. She finds time to be committed to so many things and still finds time for friends, exercise, weddings, family, serving at her church, and picking up new hobbies like biking and photography. In college I remember being in awe of how she did it all. Particularly as a D1 athlete.

-Her spirit is infectious. Anyone that has met her once, wants to be her best friend. 

-She is a servant of all. 

-She's got serious style, but still looks comfortable and natural in everything she wears; From Rent the Runway $700 dresses, to jeans and a sweatshirt, to that fur vest she wore New Years (which she totally rocked.)

-She is loyal and persistent in her relationships. 

-She is persistent in her relationship with God and showing others who He is.

-She is just so FUN!

I love this girl, and sometimes when you love someone, you just need to tell everyone!!

Happy B-day Friend. 

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  1. you rock my socks off. And I don't know who that person is you're talking about;) love you so much! And love that pic of us!!


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