Can You Think of Anything Quite Like It?

There is nothing quite like a Saturday morning is there? I mean really, can you think of one thing that is quite like a Saturday morning? It's probably one of the best 12 hour pockets of time that exists in our 168 hour weeks.

What I need to be doing this morning is working tirelessly on my thesis which I have to give to my committee on Tuesday for the first round of edits. But, it's Saturday morning, so I'm blogging instead.

I usually eat very healthy breakfasts in order to get my body off to the right start each day. But, it's Saturday morning so instead we made homemade waffles and smothered them in butter and delicious mapley syrup.

I usually get dressed before noon. But, it's Saturday morning and my PJs are just more comfy. 

I don't even think our bed is made.

I usually hate clutter in my house. But, it's Saturday morning, and I'm just sitting here shrugging at the folded laundry on the couch that seriously needs to get put away. 

I am not a person who lives for the weekend. I really actually love the week. It's when I am most productive, meet the most people, learn the most, and have the most balance in my days. But, at the end of every week I do feel this little breath of fresh air, like the weekend is just a sweet surprise that I always forget is actually coming. 

And, when it arrives, it's like an unexpected gift every time.  

And it means I can have Saturday mornings. Lazy, yummy, syrupy, bloggy, Saturday mornings with my hubby. 

And this Saturday morning has a bonus treat attached--Duke game at Noon. 

Which I'll be watching in my PJs. 

Plus maybe a Duke shirt. 

Happy morning friends.

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