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When we were in pre-marital counseling, Katie and Trey gave us an exercise to do in the car on the ride home. It was called, "I feel loved when you..."

They suggested that we do this often in our marriage, because it is so good to hear that what you do is making the other feel loved, sometimes in the most unexpected ways. 

It teaches you about how your spouse receives love.
It teaches you more about how you receive love.
It makes you want to do the things that you know make the other feel loved.

We still do this sometimes when we're driving together.

Here are some I thought of today:

I feel loved when the first thing you do when you gain consciousness in the morning is slide your sleepy arm around me.
I feel loved when you make me coffee before you leave for work.
I feel loved when you think the weird things I do are adorable, and not just stupid.
I feel loved when you walk in the door in the evening with a huge grin on your face and say "Sweetness, I've missed you" as you wrap me up.
I feel loved when you do projects around the house that I really want done.
I feel loved in those sweet, honest moments when you tell me how ridiculous I'm being.
I feel loved when you scratch my arm and back and neck, because you know how good it feels.
I feel loved when you let me have the last bite of whatever we are sharing.
I feel loved when we're dying laughing together.
I feel loved when you surprise me with little things.
I feel loved when you play Scatergories with me, even when you think it's boring.
I feel loved when you brag on my cooking.
I feel loved when you spend time in the Word, getting more intimate with God.

Try this with your spouse or significant other. We've found it to be a great tool. Let me know how it goes!

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